Hunter Industries is one of the top irrigation manufacturers in the world, serving Commercial, Residential, and Golf irrigation markets.


 * Included With Every Hunter Purchase.  This concept started as a one-off ad and was so well-received by Hunter customers and B2B business partners that we extended it into an entire campaign (coming soon to this website). What this headline captures is the true unique selling point of Hunter vs. it's competitors: It's industry-famous customer service and technical support, along with innovative and quality products. That's what you're really getting when you purchase a Hunter product and this ad really struck of a chord because of the truth of that statement, as experience by Hunter's customers year after year. 



30 Year Anniversary  Edwin J. Hunter founded Hunter Industries in 1981. A true innovator in the industry, he invented and patented many of the industry's modern-day irrigation products and his legacy lives on at Hunter today. I created this custom seal, and ad, to commemorate all that he achieved and to celebrate 30 impressive years of innovation.